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Want to know if your website is working for you?
Don't want to spend hours reading complicated web-traffic reports?

Free Website Statistics offers an invisible tracker that gives you easy-to-understand web stats for free.

Endless data? No thanks.

If you're not interested in looking through pages of data from traffic analytics packages, you'll love the ease of Free Website Statistics. We send an easy-to-understand, 2-page report to your inbox every month. Best of all, it's completely free!

You'll find out...
  • How many people visited your website
  • How long people spent on your site, and how many pages they viewed
  • How people found your site. Which search-engines brought you the most traffic, and which words people searched to find you.
  • How many visitors returned to your site
  • Which pages on your site were most popular
  • Where in the world your website visitors are located

Did we mention that it's free?


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