Free Website Statistics

Want to know if your website is working for you?

Free website statistics offers you an invisible tracker that gives you easy to understand web stats.
Want web tracking statistics that get emailed to you each month?
If you don’t want to wade through pages and pages of statistics to find key information you’ll love receiving a two page report in your inbox.

Are the statistics easy to understand?
You’ll love the ease of free website statistics if you’re not interested in looking through endless pages of data from traffic analytics packages. With free website statistics you get a two page report each month that answers questions such as:

  • Where did my visitors come from?
  • Which search engine brings me the most traffic?
  • How many of my visitors were returning visitors?
  • What were my most popular pages?
What do you get?
You get a free two page report each each month showing:

  • How many people visited your site.
  • How long people spent on your site and many pages they viewed.
  • How people found you, including which words people typed into search engines.
  • Which pages were your most popular.
  • Where your website visitors are located.

Is it easy to get set up?
Yes, you will be given a small piece of tracking code that you place into each page you want tracking. If your site uses a content management system you can place the code into one template file and have it track your entire site. You can get your web developer to set it up if you’re unsure.

How do I get started?
Sign up with Free Website Statistics, insert a small piece of invisable tracking code into your web pages and begin receiving free monthly reports.

3 Easy Steps!

  1. Sign Up
  2. Set Up Tracking
  3. Receive Website Stats


Is it really FREE?
Yes, we offer a 100% free website tracking solution. And its really simple to get set up.

Why is it free?
We are longer term thinkers. We benefit if you decide to use some of our paid services like Sharpest Quote where you can Get Free Website Quotes from USA Web Designers.

Who else do you know that can benefit?
Who do you know that has a website and could use decent website statistic reports in their inbox?
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